Our Roadmap

The inQubi team is committed to taking virtual pet ownership to new heights by launching an entire universe that will be experienced across all your devices.

To give you an idea of what to expect in the coming days and months, we’ve outlined the following roadmap. Please note that this roadmap is subject to change over time, and we’ll keep you updated on changes as they occur:



Virtual Pet Design

Design and modelling of inQubi forever pets.

Q2 - Q4

Companion App Design, Development, and Usability Testing

Plan, design, and develop the inQubi Companion App.


Mini-Games Design, Development & Usability Testing

Design and development of mini-games for integration into the Companion App.



Community Building & Awareness

Outreach to create an engaged social media community and build brand awareness.


inQubi Launch

inQubi virtual pets and Companion App will be introduced to the world and available via the inQubi website, Google Play, and Apple App Store.


2nd Edition Virtual Pets & Mini Games Development

Design and modelling of 2nd Edition pets.


Companion App Updates & Enhancements

Additional accessories and features will be added, including basic AR capabilities for users to capture AR images of their virtual pets.


2nd Edition Launch

2nd Edition inQubi Virtual Pets and mini-games will be added to the Companion App.


Brand Collaborations

Introduce unique, limited-edition accessories, toys, and apparel for pet owners to check out and collect.

Q3 - Q4

Integration Development

Syncing of inQubi with third-party apps like Google Calendar, Instagram, fitness trackers, and other IOT systems.

2024 and Beyond

Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality Feature will allow users to view their pets and interact with them in real-world surroundings using the Augmented Reality glasses.

inQubi in the Metaverse

Introduce inQubi to the Metaverse across Decentraland, Sandbox and other leading virtual frontiers.

inQubi Show

Transform the inQubi universe into an animated show for community members and their families around the world to enjoy


Coming soon!
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