At inQubi,
we’re exploring big ideas in virtual pet ownership and cross-device gaming.


About Us

Our multifaceted team is beyond passionate about art and our love of pets. By sharing these passions with like-minded humans, we’re aiming to create a global community of inquisitive, virtual pet-loving owners driven to connect, play, and learn together.

Vision & Mission

At inQubi, we’re exploring big ideas as we seek to revolutionise the world of virtual pets and app gaming.

Our mission is simple: to introduce the world to these fascinating, charming and adorable digital pets – and find them forever homes while we’re at it!

Along the way, we’ll create a bustling brand that’s engaging, relatable and brings endless joy to each and every valued inQubi supporter.

inQubi and its Companion App for mobile and desktop devices are just the first steps we’re taking in bringing our virtual pets to life. We constantly ask ourselves “what’s next?” and find the answer in developing technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

Just imagine being able to walk alongside your virtual pet or your inQubi running with you on your morning jog through the lens of Augmented Reality glasses… the possibilities are endless!

Together, with our cute and cuddly inQubi, we endeavour to uncover a whole new world of companionship in both the real and virtual worlds – and would be delighted to have you join us on this journey!


Our Core Values

Do the right thing

Champion integrity in all we do, simply by asking: “What is the right thing to do?”

We’re all in this together

Work as a team and set aside our differences and egos! At all times, we maintain empathy and trust for our fellow teammates and community alike.

Be true, be real

Cooperate, communicate and articulate all we do with our teammates, partners and customers, ensuring nothing but the best experiences and outcomes for all!

Embrace uniqueness

Respect and appreciate our differences and feel empowered as individuals to make decisions for the best interests of our project and its potential!

Be passionate

Remain internally motivated, perpetually passionate, and driven to be the best in an organic manner. If creativity is forced, it’s probably not creative enough!

Be humble

Take pride in all we do, and cultivate a space forever free from arrogance or selfishness.


Take time to focus on our physical, mental and emotional states, and to reduce stress and anxiety by maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Be like water

Allow ourselves to adapt, find comfort in new conditions, turn setbacks into opportunities, and mistakes into success. Bruce Lee said it best!

Stay curious, remain creative

Ask the questions that compel us, seek out the answers that complete us. Never be afraid to create and innovate… this is the drive that makes us feel alive!

Meet The Team

Just like our forever pets, the inQubi team consists of passionate minds who share the same powerful vision: To create great things with great individuals and have an awesome time while making a unique impact in the thrilling world of NFTs

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  • Marketing
  • Product
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The one who makes the decisions that have the rest of us scratching our heads!



The one who ensures that we are all aligned to achieve the same shared goals.



The one who guides our creativity and ensures we remain a well-oiled machine!



The one who eats, sleeps and reads code like he’s dodging bullets in the Matrix.



The one who translates our wildest ideas into crisp, clean code!



The one who provides attentive tech support to our team and community alike.



The one who ensures our creative herd gallops in the right direction.



The one who channels our raw ideas into the most powerful product.



The one who guides our collective vision into a practical product!



The one who champions the needs of our users at all times.



The one who backs our innovations with tangible strategies that showcase our project at its best!