Introducing theNew Breed of Virtual Pets

inQubi are virtual pets with personalities, pastimes, and aspirations just like you!

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What is inQubi?

inQubi Virtual Pets give you the opportunity to care for + adventure with smart and adorable creatures seeking food, shelter, love, and endless play.

No matter which inQubi you resonate with, they’re perfect for humans who love pets and crave companionship.

Whether you lack the space and time for a real pet (or suffer from allergies), or are a pet owner who wants to add a virtual pet to your family, inQubi are designed to bring endless light, joy, and fun 24/7.

inQubi make fantastic forever friends and offer proven therapeutic benefits. Thanks to their cross-device accessibility, they can be by your side at all times!


Explore the
inQubi Universe

Meet our collection of cute and cuddly animals looking for forever humans and homes – where they will be loved, nurtured, and cared for.

Each pet is uniquely designed and 3D animated to match their own personalities, quirks, and sense of adventure.


Next-Generation Pet Care Simulator

The inQubi Virtual Pet App is filled with thrilling features to be enjoyed by all our valued virtual pet holders.

There’s no better way to observe, care for and expand your inQubi family of furry friends - as well as enjoy future opportunities available exclusively through our Companion App.










Bring Your Pets to Life with the inQubi Companion App

The inQubi Virtual Pet Companion App will be available on mobile and desktop devices, so they can follow you everywhere you roam.

inQubi Launch Roadmap

With inQubi, we’re committed to taking virtual pet ownership to new heights by launching an entire universe that can be experienced across all devices.

The following roadmap reveals our development plans and expected milestones:


Virtual Pet Design

Design and modelling of inQubi forever pets.


Mini-Games Design, Development & Usability Testing

Design and development of mini-games for integration into the Companion App.


Q1 2023

Community Building & Awareness

Outreach to create an engaged social media community and build brand awareness.


Q1 2023

inQubi Launch

inQubi virtual pets and Companion App will be introduced to the world and available via the inQubi website, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

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